Technical Support

Please pay attention to the below items, which may cause specimen damaged.

Specimen Hemolysis

  • The blood cells are crushed by outside force when pushing the blood into a tube with syringe.
  • The state of hemolysis may be caused in the first tube if the needle point doesn't enter vein exactly.
  • Shaking the specimen during mixing or transportation.
  • Collect blood from a swollen vein.
  • Insufficient blood specimen causes the concentration of additive too high.
  • Bubble is engendered if the needle doesn't connect tightly when collecting blood with syringe.
  • Alcohol enters into the blood specimen through pinhole if drawing blood from the vein puncture site with wet disinfection alcohol.
  • While centrifuging, separate blood gore with bamboo stick or the temperature inside the centrifuge is too high or too low.

Specimen Clotting

  • Not mix immediately after blood - sampling
  • The blood quantity is more than the stated volume when using a syringe to infuse the blood into the tube.
  • There is not enough anti-coagulation additive.
  • Through the authoritative tests all over the world, 11% EDTA Blood specimens may result in clotting if using a syringe.

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